concrete polishing nj

Stained concrete flooring is the easiest and most budget-friendly way to create a sophisticated yet cost-effective flooring system, compared to other decorative epoxy flooring options. Our industrial concrete staining is accomplished by adding acetone or water-based stain during the final steps of the polishing process.  At Concrete Polishing NJ, we only use acid staining, which has a deeper, more vibrant color than any water-based stain. Our commercial stained concrete has all of the industrial strength and functionality of polished concrete, with an added touch of elegance. ​


Concrete Polishing NJ takes a lot of pride in serving the garden state, and after many years of servicing our community, we have created a strong following. We have an extensive arsenal of professional preparation equipment to provide the best possible substrate for your new, long-lasting, polished concrete flooring system.  We also have the experience and knowledge to specify the right type of commercial concrete polish to best fit your needs. Whether it be an industrial concrete stain finish for your showcase area or a low grit polish for your manufacturing space, Concrete Polishing NJ is the leading concrete contractor to help transform your commercial facility!  We hope to encourage you to call today for your free consultation!



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