Concrete Resurfacing

Conventional wisdom holds that old concrete, with cracks, surface discoloration, or surface imperfections, must be removed and replaced when improving the look of the concrete is the goal. But there are many industrial concrete resurfacing options available for transforming that drab commercial concrete floor into a new, decorative, or colored concrete surface. Plus, you'll save money, conserve resources, and eliminate disposal problems.












Complete concrete resurfacing with a polymer-modified overlay is one way to upgrade the look, and you can choose from a wide variety of color and pattern options. If your concrete flooring is in good condition but just needs a facelift, you can also stain, stencil, or engrave it to improve the appearance. Here, we tell you all you need to know about restoring your existing commercial concrete floor, including procedures, application techniques, and decorative options.
Concrete resurfacing
is ideal for commercial facilities since it can be done quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the most added benefit of resurfacing your concrete floor is that it can be done without having to shut down production in your facility. This is particularly important because any type of shutdown or pause in production can have dramatic effects on your revenue. 













Another reason to consider commercial concrete resurfacing options is that they can dramatically increase the lifespan of your floor. This type of concrete procedure fills cracks, crevices, and improves the durability of your existing concrete surface. Additionally, concrete resurfacing ensures that your concrete floor will be stain-resistant and moisture repellant, which will dramatically expand the lifespan of the floor.

When working in commercial facilities, or with chemicals and machinery that cause significant damage to flooring systems, your floor must be as durable as possible. With concrete resurfacing, there is no need to spend massive amounts of time replacing your floor or installing an entire new flooring system. Industrial concrete resurfacing is the most time-efficient and cost-effective way to improve your commercial facility. 

Also, for companies that are looking to improve their LEED credibility, or are just looking to become more environmentally friendly in general, concrete resurfacing is the most eco-friendly flooring system available on the market today.















This is wide because it uses your existing concrete floor, so there is no need to dispose of old flooring materials or to install other flooring systems that may expel harmful fumes into the environment. 

There are many benefits to having your concrete flooring resurfaced, and it is best to have it done by a professional commercial concrete installer. Attempting to do it yourself or having an unlicensed contractor resurface your concrete floor can just cause more harm than good. 

Here at Concrete Polishing NJ, we are happy to provide a site visit and a free quote for your commercial facility. Call us today and we would love to discuss the benefits of concrete resurfacing and how it can significantly improve your workspace.

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