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Concrete Polishing Contractors For Chipotle's

Updated: Mar 29

A professional concrete polishing contractor can provide a number of benefits, including:

  1. Experience and expertise: A professional contractor has the knowledge and experience to properly prepare and polish concrete surfaces, resulting in a high-quality finish.

  2. Proper equipment: Professional contractors have access to specialized equipment and tools necessary for polishing concrete, including diamond-tipped grinders and polishers.

  3. Safety: Concrete polishing can be a dangerous task if not done correctly. A professional contractor will take the necessary safety precautions to ensure the project is completed safely.

  4. Time-saving: A professional contractor can complete the job more quickly and efficiently than a DIY approach, saving you time and effort.

  5. Guarantee: Professional contractors typically provide a guarantee on their work, ensuring that the concrete surfaces will remain in good condition for a certain period of time.

  6. Cost-effective: Hiring a professional contractor can be more cost-effective in the long run, as they are able to complete the job quickly and efficiently while ensuring the highest quality results.

High Standards For Concrete Polishing Contractors

We were chosen to perform concrete polishing for a Chipotle restaurant. This was a badge of honor knowing their high standards, not only for fresh Mexican cuisine. but their facility maintenance. They have a corporate design and Concrete Polishing NJ earned the privilege of completing their polished concrete floors at their Watchung, NJ location.

Concrete Polishing Contractors-1
Rough Grinding

The Start of the Concrete Polishing Process

Chipotle demands dust-free construction, to exceed their expectations, we placed plastic over all of their service equipment ensuring a restaurant that was clean and free to perform our task. They were open for business, so we needed to hang and remove the plastic protection each morning, as we were tasked with completing their floors at night. As always concrete polishing starts with a "rough cut" to remove the soft crème at the surface and begin to profile and even out the substrate. This was followed by the next step, using a finer grit diamond tooling. Once complete the process will include 8 passes with our polishing equipment to create their 1,500 sheen polishing.

Concrete Polishing Contractors
Cleaning of Rough Cuts

Grouting the Concrete Polish

Once the area was cleaned up from the prior honing, we then applied a quick-drying grout or epoxy coat. Thereafter, we cut off or remove any surface resin to create an even substrate with consistent porosity ensuring an even finished look. Furthermore, this grouting process will fill any small voids, eliminating any concern for trapping dirt. This step is often skipped by others, but we feel strongly this extra step is what gives our polished concrete that special sheen and luster.

concrete polishing contractors
Grouted Substrate
Densifying the Concrete Slab To Harden The Surface

Densification is a process that is achieved by apply a water-like resin that saturates the slab creating a very hard surface. This step increases impact resistance. An improved hardness will allow for more wear and tear, and ultimately a longer life expectancy of our concrete polish.

concrete polishing contractors
After Gard and Before Burnishing

Refining and Sealing The Concrete Polish

After densification, we then make another pass with yet even finer diamond tooling. Once we are satisfied the floor meets our expectations. We then apply a lithium Gard prodct and burnish or high-speed polish the substrate. In this instance, Chipotle was looking for a 1500 sheen by using our burnishing polisher we were able to exceed their expectations. Keep in mind, the burnishing process actually heats the Gard solution allowing it to not only maximize the sheen but make daily cleaning a snap.

concrete polishing contractors
Finished Concrete Polish
The Right Concrete Polishing Contractor Makes a Difference

We certainly hope we have laid out the many reasons Concrete Polishing NJ is the right team for your next polished concrete project. Beyond our field expertise, we also have a customer service and operation department that ensures you a line of communication giving our client's not only a sense of competency, but easing any concerns about the quality of our overall installation.

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