Product Glossary

has become a national brand based in part on our customer service. Our philosophy is that we can provide our clients the best possible flooring if they are able to participate in the design process. To this end, we take every opportunity to educate our clientele on the strengths and weaknesses of particular products and familiarize them with the installation process. Facility managers need to have exact specs in order to understand what they are getting for their investment.


Another one of our strengths lies in the sheer diversity of products that are available to us. While most resinous flooring installers stick to one brand or product line, we are steadfast in our commitment to brand independence. We source materials from every major purveyor in the industry so that we can use exactly what your specifications call for. Our main suppliers are Prosoco, Ameripolish, and Niagara Machanine .We have provided specifications on the materials available from these three companies, however, if your project calls for another company’s product, we’d be happy to provide you with further information.